Maryville woman’s upscale refrigerator not working, despite multiple repairs

MARYVILLE (WATE) – When you buy a new upscale refrigerator, you expect it to be trouble free for a long time. That wasn’t the case for a Maryville woman who said a certified repairman sent to her home hasn’t been able to get the unit working.

Most new appliances come with a warranty, usually one year and sometimes two years. After it expires, there is often a limited warranty, which covers certain parts for a period of time. Many manufacturers will require that a certified repairman, someone that has specific knowledge of the appliance, works on the unit, but what happens if they can’t fix it?

Denise Delacqueseaux says she’s spent hundreds of dollars on service calls. She bought an LG French Door refrigerator in March 2013, believing it would last for a long time, but it hasn’t. The freezer that stopped working three months ago. Despite multiple repair efforts, the $2,000 dollar fridge still doesn’t cool.

“I want my refrigerator working. That’s all I want. At this cost, it shouldn’t be on my end.”

“He replaced the compressor, got into the sealed system. Now I have a new circuit board in it and it’s still not working. So, those are the three main parts of a refrigerator,” said Delacqueseaux.

The fridge came with a one year full warranty and the sealed system and compressor came with a longer warranty. A certified LG repairman changed the compressor on November 12.

“He said it takes about 24 hours for it to get to temperature, but six hours later, it’s getting warmer,” she said.

She called her repairman again. Delacqueseaux says during his second visit he replaced the unit’s sealed system –  the compressor, condenser and evaporator. That fix didn’t work either.

On his third trip, the certified repairman got on the phone with an LG tech who said the problem was the circuit board. Delacqueseaux had to pay for it because it’s not covered by the limited warranty.

Denise Delacqueseaux
Denise Delacqueseaux

“The circuit board is in now, the new circuit board. The compressor still doesn’t come on. And at this point I don’t have anymore money to dump into a refrigerator,” she said.

The total bill so far for repair visits is $800.

“I have to pay for the labor. The longest it’s run is maybe three or four hours,” Delacqueseax said.

Delacqueseax had to put her frozen food in a cooler. Then in late November, the store where she bought the refrigerator loaned her one, which works fine. Could her original fridge have been an isolated case?

WATE 6 On Your Side checked online and found more than 1,400 people lodged complaints about their LG refrigerator, many mentioning numerous repair visits and compressor and sealed unit issues. We wrote to LG a week ago seeking a response about Delacqueseaux’s situation and possibly getting some guidance for her. There’s been no answer from the company.

Delacqueseaux says she directed her frustration to customer service.

“You have to admit there is an issue with it with that many complaints. Their reply was: ‘We have no control over what people say on the Internet.'”

Delacqueseaux has only one request for the company.

“I want my refrigerator working. That’s all I want. At this cost, it shouldn’t be on my end,” she said.

Local appliance repair shops, when asked what they would suggest if confronted with a refrigerator like Delacqueseaux’s, said it’s all about the wording on the service call sheet. If the unit is “unrepairable,” make sure before the service tech leaves your house, he marks it is as “unrepairable,” or nothing will happen.

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