Knoxville man hits milestone by donating to MEDIC 500 times

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Hooked up to an IV drawing pints of blood and donating at MEDIC is nothing new to David Register.

“My goal then was to give every two weeks and, for the most part, I have kept that goal,” said Register.

This day was extra special because Register made his 500th donation.

“That was my goal and that’s been my goal all the time, to be able to help people,” he said.

It’s a feat not reached by many, but one that does so much good.

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“We have a pool of donors that have been with us for years. They’ve given four, five, 600 times, and Register is one of those folks. We need more people like David,” said MEDIC Senior Director of Donor Services Nancy Seay.

Register said he first donated blood while serving in the Navy. In Knoxville, he started going to MEDIC in 1983. Twelve years later, in March of 1995, he began giving platelets.

So, what keeps David coming back? He said it’s simple.

“I’d like to encourage everyone who’s listening to be participants with MEDIC because there’s a great need for blood products,” Register said. “Blood cannot be manufactured. It has to be a given thing.”

All of Register’s 500 donations have helped MEDIC make a big difference.

“David has helped many, many lives over the years. Hundreds of people over the years have benefited from David. He has not only saved lives, but he has sustained lives over the years,” Seay said.

Register said he considers it a blessing to give back.

“It’s not much time considering what you’re doing is helping to save someone’s life,” he said.

Register believes so much in giving back to MEDIC that he started a blood drive at his church.

If you’re interested in hosting a blood drive, MEDIC has information available on its website.

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