Tennessee Animal Abuse Registry launches January 1

NASHVILLE (WATE) – The only names listed December 31 are “Jane Michelle Doe” and “John Michelle Doe” of Smith Street Nashville, but New Year’s Day Tennessee’s Animal Abuse Registry on Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s website will launch with lists and photos of people convicted of having intentionally abused animals.

Tennessee Animal Abuse Registry
Tennessee Animal Abuse Registry

The website was created after Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed the Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act into law on May 8, 2015. State Senator Richard Briggs of Knoxville co-sponsored the bill.

The list will include people convicted of aggravated cruelty to animals, animal fighting or a criminal offense against an animal. Offenders will spend two years on the registry for first time offenses and five years on the registry for second offenses.

More: Tennessee Animal Abuse Registry

New Leash on Life, an animal rescue group in Lebanon, said her organization will benefit from the registry. “We all have what we call a do-not-adopt list,” Haverstick said. “We can’t keep up with everything that happens. Having the official list would be great.”

There was a big push for the website after two small dogs were found covered in blue plumbers glue in a vacant house in Nashville. The two small dogs recovered and were placed up for adoption, but afterwards Tennessee lawmakers pushed for a way to track animal abusers like they track sex offenders.


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