Knox County Schools chief of security under investigation, employees fear he’ll ‘go postal’

Chief of Security Gus Paidousis

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knox County Schools said they are investigating their chief of security after complaints filed by three security investigators employed by the school system.

The complaints were filed by Captain Dan Stewart, Captain Bill Kee and Captain Doug Ryerkerk on December 14 in a letter addressed to Scott Bolton, the Human Resources Supervisor with the school system. In the letter the three investigators claim Chief of Security Gus Paidousis violated school board policy and federal law.

“All such allegations are taken seriously, and the complaint is being thoroughly investigated in accordance with School Board policy,” said Knox County Superintendent Jim McIntyre in a statement.

The officers said Paidousis used profanity in the presence of employees, made threats of violence against the school system’s Deputy Law Director Susan Crabtree, racist and sexist comments against former and current employees and even expressed the desire to kill a former security officer who had embarrassed him.

“Employees of the security department, specifically the security office employees, have expressed fear of Chief Paidousis due to his frequent displays of anger. One female dispatcher stated that she fears that he may ‘go postal’ in the office environment,” said the officers in a statement.

More: Read a full copy of the complaint

According to the letter, an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint was filed against Paidousis. The officers also said a meeting was held with Chief Operating Officer Russ Oaks to resolve issues. They said security personnel are fearful for their jobs because of his ‘vindictive retaliatory nature and history of terminating employees during his tenure as security chief.”

The letter requests human resources investigate Paidousis as soon as possible because some of the allegations rise to the level of a criminal offense. The officers also asked for whistle blower status under the Knox County Board of Education Policy.

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