6 free apps to help you keep your New Year’s resolution

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – From getting ahead to being more mindful, there is an app for that. Here are free apps to help you make and keep your New Year’s Resolution.

1. Resolution: I’m going to get in shape

One of our favorite apps to help you crush your fitness goals is C25K. It is the smartphone version of the Couch to 5K workout plan.

It’s a nine-week plan to get just about anyone to running and it’s become very popular. The app is responsible for getting thousands of “couch potatoes” up and running.

The best part is the app is compatible with a ton of other apps including GPS tracking apps, music apps like Pandora, Google Fit and MyFitness Pal.

Free in the App Store | Google Play

2. Resolution: I’m going to eat better

It can seem a bit daunting to log keep track of your entire food intake on top of trying to balance family, friends and working-out. My FitnessPal makes it easy.

The app’s calorie counter is basically an online diary. You can log  food from their database of 3,282,000 different foods, set daily goals and it saves foods you eat often which makes them easy to use. It even allows you to track your exercises with 350 different exercises stored in their database.

We really liked this app because it also includes a bar-code scanner to make it even easier to log food and even some recipes.

Free in the App Store | Google Play

3. Resolution: I’m going to save money

Mint is one of the top rated free personal finance apps on the market.

Not only does the app track your spending, but keeps track of your bills in one p lace. From money and budgeting to customized tips it handles everything. You can also get your free credit score and learn how to improve it to get the things you want later.

The app is also fairly secure. It uses the same system banks use to encrypt your data and comes from the makers of TurboTax.

Free in the App Store | Google Play

4. Resolution: I’m going to get organized

If you are forgetful, this app is for you. It automatically generates reminders for important meeting, events and even bills. We also found it helpful because it combines your calendar, to-do list and notes all in one easy-to-use app.

The other thing we liked about 25me is that it works with other apps like Facebook so you can track your friend’s birthdays or send messages.

Free in the App Store | Google Play

5. Resolution: I’m going to get ahead in my career

Whether you’re looking to get a new job or get ahead at your current job there are plenty of apps to assist you.

Depending on what you’re wanting, here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • For those wanting to get a new job, we recommend JobAware. The app helps you find jobs in your area while also helping track the application process along the way. More.
  • If you want to get more organized at work you may want to check out Quip. It combines chats, documents, task lists and spreadsheets into one app. More.
  • RescueTime was also one of our favorites. There is a paid version, but the light version tracks time spent on activities so you can look at your biggest time wasters. More.
  • And if you feel like you are drowning in emails, look no further than the app Hop. It makes your inbox more like an instant messaging service, allowing you to email at the speed of light. More.

6. Resolution: I’m going to be less stressed

Several studies have found that optimistic people are healthier. Happify helps reduce stress and anxiety that can be harmful for health by setting specific goals.

The app provides tips to achieving that goal, as well as games to help end negative thought patterns. The activities are organized into “tracks” that you focus on each week. So games, for example, in the “confidence” track include things like clicking on balloons with positive words on them and listing three things you were grateful for the day before.

We really liked the guided relaxation/meditation exercises. You can pick your scene (The Beach scene was our favorite) and then it guides you through two, five and 10 minute sessions.

Free in the App Store | Google Play

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