Expert weighs in on weather impacting injuries

Courtesy: WFLI

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — We went from freezing temperatures and flurries just a week ago, to temperatures in the 60’s and severe weather this week.

But could the fluctuation in temperatures make us more prone to getting sick?

Dr. Marc Estes from IU Health Arnett said most people think when we see extreme changes like we’ve seen lately in the weather, that’s when they’re more likely to get sick.

But, he said that’s not the case.

“From the stand point of actual infections like influenza and colds and bronchitis, there’s really not a correlation to changes in the temperature and weather,” said Estes.

However, he said the drastic changes could affect a different group of people.

“From the standpoint of sinus conditions or allergies and asthma, the drastic fluctuations in temperature can cause people to be a little bit more reactive in their airways,” said Estes. “It will cause a little bit more asthma so you see some people coming in using their inhalers more and needing some additional treatments in the emergency department.”

He said there’s some truth to some other myths around this time of year.

“You know, don’t get wet and cold or else you’ll get sick, those kind of things, there’s really no data to support that this makes a different,” said Estes.

He said the number one way to avoid making a visit the doctor’s office during this time of year is to just simply wash your hands.

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