How to survive an active shooter situation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — An active shooter can strike anytime, anywhere. We hear reports all the time of people hiding for their safety but do you know just what to do if a gunman attacks?

FOX21 got some tips from the Colorado Springs Police Department about steps to take if an active shooter event arises.

“We teach run, hide, fight,” said Officer Brent Ambuehl, CSPD’s Falcon Division Crime Prevention Officer. “So if you’re in a building setting, we want you to get out of the building if you can safely exit the building any way that you can get out.”

It’s important you know where the main and alternate exits are.

“If I was to run into this area, I’d look for an exit door that I can possibly leave the building at,” said Ambuehl.

But if you aren’t able to escape, then it’s time to hide. Find a safe area and barricade yourself inside.

Ambuehl said, “If you had five or six people in here you could move this file cabinet in front of the door which also creates a potential cover for you.”

Once you’re in those rooms, silence your cell phones and turn off all of the lights.

“You could get underneath here (a desk) and pull a chair in to where you might not be seen,” said Ambuehl.

Everyday items can make the difference between life and death.

Ambuehl said, “If you were to find a power cord or a belt that you simply have, you could simply wrap it around this thing, the door hinge, crank down on it and it might not necessarily keep somebody out but it’ll certainly slow them down to buy you time.”

But if you’re confronted with the shooter, you only have one chance to fight.

“We tell them to target the eyes, the breathing,” said Ambuehl. “We talk about things you can improvise and use as a weapon.”

Things like pencils and pens or scissors can be used to gouge or stab.

“Nothing is absolute in this. These situations are so dynamic and constantly flowing.” Ambuehl said, “I could teach how to exit a building on a fire alarm and where to go. On an active shooter, maybe not so much because you just don’t know when that’s going to happen.”

The FBI recently released a video called Run, Hide, Fight. It shows how to survive an active shooter situation. Follow this link to watch:

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