KUB helping homeowners become more energy efficient this winter

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With cooler temperatures arriving, people are using more electricity to stay warm, but KUB says customers can save money during this high usage period through its eScore program.

Through the program, homeowners can make energy efficient home improvements and receive cash incentives. The goal is to make each home in East Tennessee the most energy efficient possible.

“They can earn rebates for things like new windows and doors, the air sealing which is so important, new HVAC systems, so if it happens to be time for any of those things, we really want them to take advantage of the rebates they can earn,” said Liz Hannah with KUB.

Interested homeowners start by having an inspection done or calling a qualified contractor.

KUB customer Dan Kearney’s inspection started with the outside and a space often ignored – the crawl space, where Kearney had the dirt floor covered, which actually saves energy. A dirt floor can raise humidity levels.

Inside the home, another spot to check is behind the return air vent for an easy energy boosting fix. Rocky Top Air showed saw how applying a filler to cracks and ridges really makes a difference.

“This really promotes interaction with the customer over time, helping them make the adjustments and changes to their home at a pace they can afford,” said Chris Smith with TVA.

After work is completed and inspected, the homeowner receives a rebate from TVA and KUB. The amount of rebate varies by the type of work, but can run into the thousands of dollars.

More online: eScore program

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