Disagreement over thousands left to Wartburg Central High School

Wartburg Central High School

WARTBURG (WATE) – A generous donor left a huge gift in his will for Wartburg Central High School, but it’s causing some concern over fairness in the school district.

There is some debate over if the donor wanted the money to go to one specific school or if it can be divided between the schools in Morgan County. The superintendent wonders if the school board will even accept the gift if it can only go to one specific school.

Each year around $150,000 will be donated to help educate children in Morgan County. School Superintendent Ronnie Wilson says Wayne Solomon, owner of Schubert Funeral Home and Wartburg Central High alumnus, left a trust fund improve education in his home town.

“It’s fantastic that we have someone who was willing to think of our schools like that. It’s great,” said Wilson.

He says the school system could get $150,000 donated year after year.

“As long as the trust stays stable, which it should, it could last forever,” said Wilson.

Wilson says some clarification is needed to determine exactly where the money will go. The question he has is if some money could go to schools other than Wartburg Central High School. He says the funding should be fair.

“If all these funds go to this school, we are going to have to come up with some money from some other source to put the same kind of devices in our other high school students hands,” said Wilson.

Wartburg Mayor Jonathan Dagley is helping oversee the will and says the money isn’t supposed to be split up.

“It’s for Central High of Wartburg and they may want to do some online classes at Wartburg and it’s going to help everybody in Morgan County, but the money was specified for Central High of Wartburg,” said Dagley.

A workshop is scheduled Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the central office in Morgan County. School board members are meeting with the group managing the trust to learn where the money can go according to what the will says.

The school board will not vote on accepting or applying the money until a regular board meeting. The next school board meeting is January 5 at 6:30 p.m.

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