Trump defends plan to bar Muslim immigrants

Donald Trump

NEW YORK (WATE) – Donald Trump is standing by his stance that Muslim immigrants should be stopped from coming into the United States.

However, while Trump doubles down, Republicans and Democrats have united in opposition. Everyone from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to former Vice President Dick Cheney have said the plan is a slap in the face to American values.

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In an interview with Barbara Walters Trump insisted he has no ill will toward Muslims and only has the best interested of the United States in mind.

“I have great respect and love. I have people I have tremendous relationship with,” said Trump. “They agree with me 100 percent. Its short term. Let our country get its act together. They knocked down the World Trade Center, they tried doing it twice. Other things have happened.”

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Trump goes on to say that there are people that have tremendously bad band intentions. He says Americans need to be smart and vigilant.

The presidential hopeful also canceled a scheduled interview with Katie Couric Tuesday. Trump’s next public appearance is scheduled Friday.

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