Punches thrown at Indiana town’s board meeting

Disclaimer: This video contains content that may upset some viewers. 

HYMERA, Ind. (WTHI) – An Indiana town board meeting turned physical Tuesday night.

It all stemmed from the situation of the town marshal position. Former marshal of 15 years Darrick Cullison says he was wrongly fired in October and has legal action against the board. He’s asking for his job back and back pay he says he’s owed for overtime hours. The board has reported that Cullison was fired for fewer hours than what he was paid for.

The town board came in with plans to replace Cullison with Daryl McCullough.

PHOTOS: Punches thrown at town hall meeting

The meeting quickly escalated as tempers flared. A motion passed with a 2-to-1 vote to hire McCullough, then more words were exchanged — and that led to the fight.

It was a sight one lifelong resident says he’s never seen.

“I think it got a little out of hand,” Hymera resident Roger Thompson said. “I just tried to ask a simple question as to why we terminated the town marshal in October.”

Eventually the fight was broken up. Then police from the surrounding areas showed up.

An officer with Indiana State Police said Wednesday ISP will conduct an investigation into the fight. Cullison, the former town marshal, is a jail staff member with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department. The officer said the video obtained by WTHI would be saved and used in that investigation.

A WTHI-TV reporter received an email from Darrick Cullison, the former town marshal. It said two words:“I’m sorry.”

McCullough, the new town marshall, would not comment after the fight.

This was the last meeting for this town board. A new board takes over the first of the year.

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