Blount County company makes ‘Star Wars’ merchandise

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Star Wars fever is gripping people all over the world. From big box stores to gas stations, it seems like everyone is selling Force Awakens merchandise.

A Blount County business is focusing on lining cars with galactic swag. Chroma, based in Maryville, manufactures a number of “Star Wars” themed items including decals and license plate holders. The company has been in business for 43 years and its items are sold in a variety of stores including AutoZone, Walmart, Hot Topic and more.

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Inside the manufacturing facility, their decals start with a blank sheet of paper that is run through a printer. From there is goes through a die cutter where the decals are cut to shape. Then the sheets are cut down to their finished size.

Mike Karns, Vice President of operations said it takes a little bit more time to make their decals, but they like to focus on quality, not quickness. “We are screen printing these, which isn’t terribly efficient but it’s extremely durable,” said Karns.

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Chroma said they were already licensed to make Disney products when it was announced Star Wars would be coming back to theaters. “I think everybody has a passion for Star Wars, even though it was back in the 70’s a lot of people can relate to the brand. And now they’re taking their children to see this movie so that’s what makes it really exciting, it’s almost a full circle brand,” Brenda Sellers, President of Chroma.

More online: Chroma website

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