Parents fight to keep Hawkins County elementary schools open

ROGERSVILLE (WJHL) – It was standing room only at Thursday night’s school board meeting in Hawkins County as residents fought to keep two elementary schools open.

“These kids get attention, and they get what they need at our school,” Amber Fisher said.

Leave McPheeter’s Bend and Keplar Elementary Schools open for generations to come.

“We have got awards, some of the top students that have graduated belonged here have been right from our schools,” Amber Fisher said.

Amber Fisher is a teacher at McPheeter’s Bend Elementary, her children also attend the school. She knows first hand how closing the school would impact a community where so many children come from struggling families.

“They are already at a disadvantage and you know there they succeed at these school and they might fall through the cracks at some of the larger schools,” Amber Fisher said.

School leaders say while they applaud the parents for getting involved it’s too soon to panic.

“We are investigating, we are gaining knowledge as we go, we are looking at facts and figures we are going to answer these types of questions as we move along,” School Board Chairman Chris Christian said.

Questions like- how will students get to and from their new schools if it comes to that and what will happen to teachers? But for these parents – only one thing matters.

“Keep the doors open,” Amber Fisher said.

School board members are expected address the matter concerning the future of these two elementary.

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