Knoxville Public Service Department prepares for winter weather

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knoxville’s Public Service Department isn’t taking any chances this year after last winter’s snow and ice.

Last February, Knoxville was covered in snow, icy roads and freezing temperatures.

“The roads it can be pretty scary, I know I’ve hit an ice patch a time or too and I’ve seen other people hit an ice patch a time a two,” said Kristie Mantooth. “I’ve seen ice totally covering the road and I get kinda worried having to drive through that and parking lots are difficult.”

Crews learned Thursday how to use equipment and prepare roads so when snow and ice hits the city, the public service department will be well prepared.

“The city of Knoxville has about 2,000 tons of salt and we’re fully loaded. We’ve already made over 20,000 gallons of brine,” said Public Service Director Chad Weth. “We always have some new operators every year, so making sure they understand the proper way to plow and spread salt.”

“We really just want to review our snow plan. You don’t get a trial run at snow. When it happens you have to be prepared,” said Weth.

Weth says the first priority every year is clearing major roads, hills and dangerous intersections.

“We also have a fully operational brine systems so you’ll see us in advance of the storm pre-treating the roads. The nice thing about that, we can do that when the weather is nice and we can do that at low traffic volumes,” said Weth. “Also it’s always best for the public to stay off the road but we promise to do our part and make sure at least the main roads get clear mainly for public safety.”

More online: Knoxville’s snow and ice removal plan

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