Incredible video shows large cougar in Middle Tennessee

(Courtesy: Austin Burton)

HUMPHREYS COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Incredible video taken in Humphreys County shows what the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Association (TWRA) believes is a large cougar sniffing in the woods.

“This video is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of it being a cougar,” said Doug Markham with TWRA.

The footage was caught on a deer trail camera on Nov. 24 on Austin Burton’s family farm.

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(Courtesy: Austin Burton)
(Courtesy: Austin Burton)

“At first I was pretty much speechless,” Burton told News 2.

He had just sprayed natural deer scent in the area about 45 minutes before.

“I guess it was smelling for the deer. I sure hope it wasn’t smelling for me,” Burton said.

He told News 2 he’s been hunting on that property his whole life, and his dad has for about 35 years.

“They are the top predator. If they come back in numbers, they are the top predator out there. Man is the only top predator that would be above it,” the TWRA official said.

(Courtesy: Austin Burton)
(Courtesy: Austin Burton)

Markham also said they never have seen good evidence until now, but they did form a committee about six weeks as this sighting was the third in recent months.

“It’s been formed since all this started. Got three biologist on our staff and wildlife officers because we think they are going to expand its comprised from people across the state from the wildlife agency,” he explained.

Markham went one to explain what to do if you see one in person.

“It’s an animal you have to be cautious with. If you see on, if you happen across one, let it go its way,” he said. “Don’t do anything to disturb it and you go your way because they are powerful, they are strong, but attacks on people are very rare in this country.”

Officials also told News 2 the term “cougar” refers to the same animal as a panther, mountain lion, and puma.

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