Business picking up at East Tenn. Christmas tree farms

HEISKELL (WATE) – It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and business is booming for Christmas tree farms. The trees are lining the hillside, and people are heading out to find the perfect one to complete their Christmas.

“It gives you the feeling of true Christmas, the smell of the pine and it wouldn’t be Christmas without a real Christmas tree in our opinion,” said Kim Foster.

She and her daughter Miranda were looking for their tree Thursday afternoon. Now is the time of the season when tree farms are seeing the most people with business picking up right after Thanksgiving.

“We have folks that have been coming for 25 years, and we sold our first trees 26 years ago, so that’s remarkable,” said Leo Collins, owner of Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm.

He says it takes a lot more work to sell those festive trees than just planting them in the ground.


“There’s a lot of work throughout the year, all the mowing and checking for insects and disease,” said Collins. “Every tree here has to be sheered at least once a year and several of them have to be sheered at least twice a year.”

Christmas trees grow a foot a year on average, so some of the big ones have been growing for more than a decade. Their number one recommendation at Bluebird is to make sure you measure and know what size you need so you do not get home with a tree that is too big to fit in your house.

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“You have to top them and shape them so they look like a Christmas tree, look like what you want it to be rather than just a big pine tree in the forest,” said Collins.

For the workers and the families buying trees, it is all worth it to bring Christmas together.

“It’s a tradition. It’s fun to spend time with family and picking out what you guys all like as one,” said Miranda Foster.

Collins says now is a great time to buy your tree. As long as you keep it watered it will stay healthy well past Christmas.

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