Loudon County assistant E-911 director loses everything in apartment fire

LOUDON (WATE) – Several people, including the Loudon County E-911 assistant director and her daughter, were displaced after their apartment complex caught on fire in Loudon County early Thursday morning.

Loudon and Lenoir City fire fighters were called to an apartment on Willington Manor around midnight. Four units were destroyed, meaning four families lost everything. Authorities say no one was hurt, but a dog did not make it out.

Loudon County E-911 Assistant Director Rose White and her 6-year-old daughter Emma were among those displaced by the fire and only made it out with the clothes on their backs.

“In the middle of the night, you’re woken up and everything’s gone. We know Assistant Director White got out with nothing more than the clothes she had on, her cell phone, and her child. That’s it,” said Cpl. Billy Hall with the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office.

Hall describes White as a very compassionate person and the glue that binds together various county departments.

“If this had been someone else, she would have been out front saying, ‘What do you need?’” he added.

He says White has asked for privacy.

“She’s an extremely humble person. More worried about the others than herself. She continuously said she didn’t want the limelight on her. She just asked for prayers,” Hall said.

The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office says they’ll be taking care of the needs of the two children who were affected by the blaze, but they’re asking the public to pitch in and help the adults.

“We’re recommending gift cards. That way they can get the proper clothes they need. Gift cards are the best way to do it,” Hall said.

They’re hoping these families can have a decent Christmas, despite the fire. Donations can be brought by any fire, police or EMS station in Loudon County, as well as the E-911 Center, 500 John Parris Drive, in Loudon.

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