Arrests made in Ohio bank robbery with possible tie to East Tennessee

Chris Hill and Taylor Crisman (source: FBI)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Two arrests were made in an Ohio hostage-style armed bank robbery that could be connected to two similar robberies in East Tennessee.

The Knoxville FBI said last week that they are working with the Cleveland division of the FBI after a November robbery in Ontario, Ohio. Two men were arrested Wednesday in that case. In all three cases, robbers held family members of bank employees hostage at gunpoint, demanding money.

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In April, the Oak Ridge Y-12 Federal Credit Union CEO and his family were kidnapped from their home and held hostage at gunpoint. The kidnappers forced the CEO to try and remove money from the bank and his family was let go in the Gettysvue County Club.

Then a Knoxville SmartBank employee and his family were kidnapped in July and forced to get money from the bank to give to the robbers. The family was then let go in West Knox County.

Local FBI investigators believed those cases were connected; now there may be another.

Two suspects robbed KeyBank in Ontario, Ohio last month. The FBI said a robber held a bank employee and his family hostage overnight and wouldn’t let the wife and kids go until the bank employee came back with a large sum of money from the vault. Taylor Crisman and Chris Hill were arrested in Ohio Wednesday for the Ontario case. The Cleveland division of the FBI told WATE 6 On Your Side they sent their information on to Knoxville investigators.

The Knoxville division of the FBI said, “Everything is still on the table.”

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