Victims remembered one year after deadly Knox County school bus crash

Knoxville Police Department investigating fatal bus crash, 4 patients still at UT Medical Center
(Photo credit: Jay Roach)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – December 2 marks one year since the deadly Knox County school bus crash that claimed the lives of two students and a teacher’s aide.

Sunnyview Primary School students Zykia Burns, 6, and Seraya Glasper, 7, and aide Kimberly Riddle were all killed in the crash.

Capt. Mark Wilbanks with the City of Knoxville Fire Department was on the scene minutes after the crash.

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“I just think about when I first got there and saw the bus on its side,” said Wilbanks.

In a statement, the Burns family says her legacy is one of love hope and promise:

We would like to thank the Knoxville community for the continued love and support that has been expressed throughout this past year. The last twelve months have been extremely challenging, and Zykia’s loss continues to affect us every single day. For us, Zykia’s legacy is one of love, hope, and promise, and that is what we would like to share with our community. During this season especially, we would remind you to take the time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Glasper and Riddle. Greg Isaacs represents Seraya’s mother and Riddle’s husband.

“It’s been a tough year losing your wife mother of your children for Mr. Riddle. Sharon Glasper lost Bubbles, who was just a little girl, who would walk in and light up a room. So it’s been a very difficult year,” said Isaacs.

The first responders who were at the scene of the crash say what they saw changed their life.

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“You appreciate things a little bit more especially with the kids. You don’t take anything for granted to put them in a school bus or send them off to school on a trip or anything just don’t take that for granted,” said Knoxville Police Department Sgt. Brian Evans.

Evans says the investigation is still on going. Detectives are still analyzing evidence to try and answer all safety questions.

“We owe it to those victims to gain something from this so hopefully nothing happens like this again,” said Sgt. Evans.

Isaacs says the lawsuits are still pending and the victims’ families want to make sure nothing like this happens to another Knox County student riding the bus.

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