Maryville school bus axle, wheels fall off

Credit: Joshua Garren

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Maryville High School students hit a delay after the axle and wheels of their bus fell off.

Sharon Anglim with Maryville Schools said the bus left the pick-up line and stopped in front of the school around 3:25 pm Wednesday afternoon. That’s when both of the back wheels and the axle broke away from the bus while it was stopped in the middle of the road.

Luckily, Anglim said no students were injured in what she calls a very unusual situation. Still, parents said they were concerned about what could have happened.

REPORT IT! photo from Hannah LeVan
REPORT IT! photo from Hannah LeVan

“You’re scared at first thinking that shouldn’t happen on a bus,” said Ralph Moore, who has a daughter that attends Maryville High School. “I’m sure if they were traveling at highway speed, this could have been a bad accident for sure.”

W.C. Huffman Bus Company is the contractor that owns the bus. The bus passed an April and mid-October inspections in 2015.

“It was safe and within the mileage requirements,” said Anglim. “The age of the bus is acceptable. There was no reason to believe there was any issue with the bus.”

The bus contractor said they are meeting with Tennessee officials Thursday. Anglim said they should know in the next few days if the bus is going to be repaired or replaced.

Moore said he just hopes someone figures out what happened so a similar accident does not happen again. “It could have been a lot worse than what it is, so I’m thankful,” he said.

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