Chimney inspector urges community to get fire places checked out each year

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With cold weather on the way, more people will be using their fire places, which can be dangerous if not inspected beforehand.

WATE 6 On Your Side talked with a homeowner about why she scheduled the service ahead of the winter months.

“A house fire, I think it’s everybody biggest fear because you have so many precious memories and things in a house that a fire can just totally destroy,” said homeowner Beth Taylor.

‘Tennessee Chimney’ owner Josh Cate told WATE 6 On Your Side the most important thing you can do is have your fireplace inspected by a certified sweep every year before you start burning.

“What we did today was chimney cleaning level one inspection, it’s probably the most common inspection, we did a rotary clean on it, we ran spinning brushes up there to clean all the debris and check for blockage,” said Cate.

“We want to prevent from having a flue fire for number one, number two we want to keep an eye on them every year to make sure nothing is moving, settling, cracking, leaking like that,” said Cate.

They don’t just clean out your chimney. They can also find dangerous structural damage you might not know about.

“Probably the most common thing we’re seeing right now is a lot of erosion and construction falls in the smoke chamber so we’re trying to fix that and bring it up to code,” said Cate.

Beth said getting the chimney sweep is a huge sigh of relief.

“I knew there had not been a fire in this fire place since 2009 and I’m sure many years before that and so just for safety reason I wanted to have it inspected and verified that it was safe,” said Taylor.

If you would like more information about chimney sweeps you can contact ‘Tennessee Chimney’ at 865-258-3473 or

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