New bear cub recovering at Appalachian Bear Rescue

Shelby Bear (source: Appalachian Bear Rescue)

TOWNSEND (WATE) – Appalachian Bear Rescue says its most recent bear cub arrival made it through the night, but is in rough shape.

Shelby Bear was brought to the rescue from Monroe County. Veterinarians at the University of Tennessee examined her. She didn’t have any broken bones, but was in rough shape. Officials say she was trying to survive on her own for some time, was dehydrated and only weighed 7.7 pounds, severely malnourished.

Vets prescribed antibiotics and deworming medicine. ABR officials say Shelby drank lots of water, but wouldn’t eat anything during the night. She eventually ate a bowl of medicine-laced applesauce and grapes in the morning. Officials say her stool revealed she had only been eating grass while in the wild. Bears can eat grass, but it should only be a small part of their diet which should also include berries, nuts, insects and other vegetation.

If you would like to donate to Appalachian Bear Rescue to help them care for Shelby and other bears, click here.

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