Pigeon Forge Outdoor Gravity Park adds new DRYGO invention

PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – An attraction in Pigeon Forge is adding to its lineup. Outdoor Gravity Park is adding “dry zorbing” with a new invention called DRYGO. There are only two locations in the world with DRYGO. The other is New Zealand.

The DRYGO is made of three plastic spheres, one inside the other. The largest one is 11 feet in diameter. The middle sphere contains several gallons of water, and the smallest sphere slides around on the water layer, keeping you dry while you slide down a 1,000-foot hill.

“Originally for the dry version we invented the harness, so people went head over heels. grass, sky, grass, sky. It’s a pretty intense ride. Not really for everybody, so we’ve been racking our brains for the past few years trying to figure out how to do this better, basically how to do dry sliding. And that’s what we’ve invented here. So we have the DryGo. And it’s like dry sliding,” said Chris Roberts with the Outdoor Gravity Park.

Up to three riders can fit in the DRYGO at the same time.

Besides offering dry zorbing in the DRYGO, Outdoor Gravity Park will continue to offer the H2OGO zorbing with warm water, where you slip, slide and get wet while riding down the hill.

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