Knox County serial shoplifter caught on tape stuffing alcohol down pants

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The search is on for a thirsty serial shoplifter who police say has stolen hundreds of dollars worth of liquor from different stores in Knoxville and Farragut.

At least four store owners in the area say the man has stolen alcohol from their stores. That’s why his photo is being passed around so they can get him off the streets.

John Cook, the owner of Toddy’s Liquor and Wine, says the suspect moves quickly, entering the store taking what he needs and leaving all within 45 seconds. They caught it all on camera.


“We’ve got him in our sights. He’s stealing Cîroc vodka, he’s been stealing grey goose and he’s been stealing Hennessey. I want to see him prosecuted,” said Cook.

Cook says the man took a big bottle of Patron, stuffed it down his pants and then walked out of the door at his store.

“They’ve got spandex pants of some sort on and they drop the bottle in their pants with their shirt out and then they walk out the door, and Lord knows he can’t drink all that he’s been stealing,” said Cook.

Cook just would love for the public to help identify him so he could be caught in the near future.


“Sooner than later I hope,” said Cook.

Police say the suspect is 6’2, 270 lbs. He’s bald and police say he was seen leaving stores in a 1995 Nissan truck which witnesses who work at Toddy’s Wine and Spirits say had Tennessee license plate N8966R.

Call Knoxville police at 865-215-7212 if you recognize him.

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