Knoxville thrift store benefits Habitat for Humanity

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – WATE 6 On Your Side has been covering the Habitat for Humanity process for months, even following and taking part the the 500th build here in Knoxville, but there is a way you can help, that has nothing to do with building a home.

Habitat’s ReStore is a place where you can donate items, find a good bargain and even volunteer for a few hours.


“All of the money that we get here goes right back into the program. We do have expenses like rent and small staff, but we rely heavily on volunteers,” explained Habitat President and CEO Kelle Shultz.

You can also help by cleaning out your closets, garage or attic and then donating the items here. It’s all tax deductible and Habitat makes it easy for you to help out

“We do pick up, so you can call and we can pick it up or they can drop it off here,” said Shultz.

Unlike many other thrift shops, Habitat’s ReStore is almost two-thirds building materials, or recycled construction materials. You can find everything from cabinets, to light fixtures, old doors, and even sinks. It’s safe to say this is a home remodeler’s delight.


Laura Heeke knows this first hand. She’s saved hundreds shopping here while sprucing up her rental property.

“My husband and I started taking over and it just needed a little up keep and we started putting down pavers. That’s what we got here, five tons of them!”

Heeke says it feels good to save money and to also be helping Habitat for Humanity. The new homeowners through Habitat also get an extra opportunity to benefit from this store.


“At every dedication we present the family with a coupon for 50 percent off anything they want to purchase for that one day,” said Shultz.

Habitat ReStore last year consolidated all its services into one location off Downtown West. They are celebrating one year in their new location.

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