State investigators ask for information on 2 possible Cocke County arsons

PARROTTSVILLE (WATE) – Tennessee bomb and arson investigators are asking anyone who knows about two fires in Cocke County to come forward and contact them as soon as possible.

One of the fires was reported on October 28, 2014, at 137 Honey Lane in Del Rio. The other was on April 14, 2015, at 2605 Union Hills Road in Parrottsville. Both fires resulted in property loss and financial hardship for the owners.

Lora Sutton remembers the night that her trailer in Del Rio went up in flames like it was yesterday. She had just moved in about two months earlier.

“I got a phone call about 15 til 10:00. It was my mom and she was sounding pretty stressed and I knew something was wrong,” she said.

Sutton was at work when her mom called to tell her what was happening.


“She told me that my house was on fire, and honestly I got sick at my stomach and hit my knees,” she said.

Firefighters had the flames under control by the time Sutton got home, but the damage left behind is still visible.

“It got so hot in here where I had all my boxes and stuff sitting, it burned completely through that aluminum. It melted it,” she pointed out.

Investigators determined it was arson.

“It was just like a smack in the face, kind of like a sick feeling, mad,” said Sutton.

A house on Union Hill Road in Parrottsville is also being investigated for arson. It was lit on fire about six months after Sutton’s house was and there is not much visible damage left behind. Investigators say the two had some similarities. Both were doused in some sort of flammable liquid and then set on fire.

“It’s a trailer, you know, it’s not much, but it’s mine. You know I worked to get it,” said Sutton.

Without any major leads in either case, state bomb and arson investigators are now offering cash rewards for any information leading to a conviction. Sutton says that would be nice to see, but she has come to terms with what has happened and is just trying to move on.

“All I can tell them is I’ll be praying for them and good luck in life,” she said. “If it don’t come out now, it’s going to come out eventually, so might as well turn yourself in now.”

Anyone with information about either arson is asked to call the state’s arson hotline at 800-762-3017.

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