Refrigeration issues cited at Happy Holler restaurant

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It’s a manager’s nightmare when the cooler, or walk-in a restaurant’s kitchen goes bad the very day the health inspector conducts an unannounced visit. That’s apparently what happened at a popular Knoxville eatery.

Holly’s Corner, 846 N. Central – Grade: 82

While an 82 is a passing score, there were several critical violations jotted down by the inspector in her report. When she checked the food preparation cooler the temperature was 51 degrees and above. Forty-one degrees is the safe temperature to kill the growth of bacteria.

A dozen containers of food were thrown away. However, some other foods were around 49 degrees were moved into another cooler. It was working properly.

When the inspector checked a sink in which utensils were being sanitized, she found no sanitizer in the water.

She encouraged the kitchen staff to use test strips to determine the right amount of sanitizer. Finally, the inspector found unprotected lemons at the customer self service line and she found some over-the-counter medication improperly stored in the kitchen. It was promptly removed.

Fifteen points are pending at Holly’s corner.

Web Extra: This week’s full inspection scores [PDF]

This week several restaurants scored perfect grades with no critical violations while others were close behinds.

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Subway, 508 Lovell Road – Grade: 100
  • Subway, 3708 Chapman Highway – Grade: 100
  • Bruster’s, 1043 Old Cedar – Grade: 99
  • McDonald’s, 7545 Mountain Grove Drive – Grade: 97
  • Pizza Hut, 10403 Kingston Pike – Grade: 97
  • Papa John’s, 402 Cedar Bluff Road – Grade: 97
  • Krystal, 5320 Millertown Pike – Grade: 96
  • Copper Cellar, 7316 Kingston Pike – Grade: 94

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