Dying Chattanooga woman’s final wish: rescue her rescues

(source: WTVC)

CHATTANOOGA (WTVC) – Hospice nurses come and go from Anne Wild’s Chattanooga home, checking her vitals and making her comfortable. Her closest friends sit nearby to keep her company, stopping only to help with housework, cooking, and walking her three dogs.

Doctors say she only has five weeks left to live. Last year, Wild was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It has since spread to other organs.

“I didn’t see a point in it,” Wild says of continuing her treatment to stop the rapid spread.

Wild knows she’s dying, and she says she’s ready to pass on once she has fulfilled a promise to her animals.

“I told them I would love them and take care of them until they died. And now I’m dying,” Wild said through tears.

Her closest friend Linda Dumers sits in a chair next to her bed, which was moved to the living room when she decided she wouldn’t continue treatment at the hospital.

Dumers has promised to adopt Wild’s cat, but can’t take the dogs. She doesn’t have any other family or friends able to take them, either.

All three dogs are rescues. Wild isn’t sure how old they are, but she estimates all of them are between six and seven years old. Lilly is a small female dachshund/Labrador mix, Peach is a female Sharpei/Labrador mix, and Bugsy is a male German shepherd. Wild says she adopted him after his former owners cut off his tail and an ear and poured hot oil on him, searing his skin. For the last five years, the dogs have found refuge living with Wild.

“They’re my babies,” she says.

Wild says, in a perfect world, all three dogs can live together. If not, Lilly and Peach must stay together and Bugsy can thrive in a home on his own.

If you have space in your heart and home for the pets, Wild asks that you call her and set up a meet-and-greet. She says she’s very specific who she can trust with caring for her pets. If no one steps up, she says she will have her dogs euthanized and cremated to be buried with her to ensure they won’t be mistreated again.

If you are serious about adopting them, please leave a message at (423) 309-1041. Wild’s sleeping schedule makes it difficult to answer every call.

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