Maryville College students enjoy #DemDebate with watch party

MARYVILLE (WATE) – The Democrats vowed to be different – no fighting or name-calling. Instead, Tuesday night’s first Democratic debate for president featured more policy than finger pointing. East Tennessee voters were eager to see what the candidates had to say in the Democratic debate.

It was a battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but it also was a make or break moment for the other candidates. Maryville College’s Young Democrats organization held a debate watch party on campus to take it all in.

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Students tuned in on campus listening to candidates debate hot button issues like gun control, economic recovery for our country and foreign policy. There were lots of claps and laughs. Students enjoyed the debate with pizza and drinks while also having a little fun with a tally board for who they support now.

“There’s a lot to take away from it, but Hilary and Bernie being on top and definitely having some distinct different views is very apparent,” said Will Winters, the president of the Maryville College Democrats.

“I think you’re learning a lot about the candidates. You’re learning how they can respond to tough questions related to their strengths to their weaknesses and clearly all of them are prepared and it looks like it’s definitely game on. It’s been a long time because we’ve seen a lot of Republican debates so it’s nice to the Democrats up and running and now we can have both sides running full speed,” said Dr. Mark O’Garman, a political science professor.

Bernie Sanders had the most tally marks of support on the student tally board.

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