Trump, Webb’s tie and Clinton’s emails trend during Democratic debate

LAS VEGAS (WATE) – It doesn’t matter if it is the Republic debate or the Democratic debate, Donald Trump seems to steal the show.

Donald live tweets the debate

In fact throughout most of the country, @realDonaldTrump was trending more than any other one candidate. From his tweets, “The Donald” seemed to be enjoying the attention.

Besides complaints about the debate being a “snoozefest,” his timeline was mostly filled with retweets from people missing him on the stage and others who said they only tuned in to the debate to watch Trump’s tweets.

‘Carnival Barker’

Trump was also mentioned by former governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley who called him “that carnival barker in the Republican Party” as he talked about immigration policy. The audience at the debate seemed to agree with O’Malley and Twitter seemed to latch on to one of the most memorable quotes from the debate, tweeting the hashtag #carnivalbarker along with several memes.

Sanders top searched Democratic candidate

googletrends2While Hillary Clinton may be winning in the polls, Senator Bernie Sanders certainly received a lot of attention on social media. In fact, according to Google Trends, Sanders was one of the top searched names during the debate.

One of the top moments of the night happened when Sanders emphatically called for the media to stop reporting on former United States Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton’s email controversy.

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After Sander’s speech, the audience exploded in cheers as well as several journalists in the press box.

Block of granite

During the debate, Anderson Cooper asked former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee about why Democratic voters should trust that he will not change his party again. Chafee entered politics as a Republican in 1985, became an Independent in 2007 and in May 2013 he announced he was switching his registration to the Democratic party.

“Anderson, you’re looking at a block of granite,” responded Chafee. After that, social media users could not resist Photoshopping Chafee’s head on a block of granite.

Webb’s fashion faux pas

From the pattern to the tightness, Former Senator Jim Webb’s choice of ties was a hot button issue on Twitter during the debate.

Several users commented that they were having trouble paying attention to what he was saying about the issues because they kept staring at his tie. Others called out to CNN to loosen the tie before he choked himself.

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