Blount commissioner behind ‘God’s wrath’ resolution: Chairman ‘threw legislative process in wood chipper’

Commissioner Karen Miller

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Blount County Commissioner Karen Miller is calling last week’s aborted agenda committee meeting a “farce” and says the chairman threw the “legislative process of a free people into the wood chipper.”

Miller is behind a controversial “God’s mercy resolution” asking God not to send his wrath to Blount County as he did in the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The resolution focuses on recognizing and protecting “natural marriage,” or marriage between a man and woman.

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The commission voted not to approve the regular commission meeting’s agenda, which contained Miller’s resolution, at a committee meeting last week. The meeting instead came to an abrupt end. The following day, Mayor Ed Mitchell announced there would be a special called meeting on Tuesday, October 13, to address items on the failed agenda.

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Miller’s resolution was not on the agenda for the special called meeting. which was much calmer than last week’s. Miller says she plans to reintroduce the measure another time and issued this statement at Tuesday night’s meeting:

King George III himself could not have done a better job of sabotaging the lawful and righteous expression of outrage against judicial tyranny contained in the resolution.

Chairman Steve Samples’ objection to the resolution’s content is no justification for throwing the legislative process of a free people into the wood chipper as he and the county power elite did at Tuesday night’s farce of an agenda meeting.

Miller’s husband told WATE 6 On Your Side the fight is far from over.

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