Volunteers help keep Habitat for Humanity’s 500th Knoxville build on track

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Nearly two weeks have passed since WATE 6 On Your Side helped break ground on Habitat for Humanity’s 500th home in Knoxville. The weather wasn’t ideal that day and nearly a week of rain followed, but some dedicated volunteers are helping to keep the project on track.

Howard Farmer has been volunteering with Habitat for several years now.

“Since Friday we had a really big rain storm come through. We had to stop construction up there,” he said.

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Farmer is part of the “Tuesday/Thursday Crew” made up of almost all retirees who volunteer their time. Late last week, they were busy prepping for the interior walls and the shingles on the roof. Farmer explained why it is vital they take the time to come out mid-week.

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PHOTOS: Building a Better Future

“If we don’t have it prepped, we have a lot of volunteers (on the weekend) standing around waiting so they can start,” he said.

Things were ready for the next big build day with Covenant Partners Rocky Top Air. Employees from the Knoxville company worked this past Saturday and made some huge progress. Interior walls were put in place and some shingle work was done in between the raindrops.


“We don’t mind a little bit of water, ” Gerald Allison with Rocky Top Air said with a laugh. “No one has ever accused us of being sweet enough to melt.”

All kidding aside, it’s safe to say all of the volunteers are proving they care enough to do whatever it takes to help the Lanxter family fulfill their dream of home ownership.

“I think we are still on schedule,” Allison said. “I think we are going to be in good shape.”

The next big build date is Saturday, October 10. Employees from Toyota Knoxville and Lexus of Knoxville will be volunteering on the home build. The hope is that the family will be moved in by Christmas.

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