Knoxville says good-bye to a Labor Day tradition

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – After 28 years, Boomsday is officially over.

Many people said they will miss the fireworks show, and came to witness the final one.
Laura Daniels said it’s hard to believe, and that’s why she came all the way from Wisconsin to see the very last one.

“There the best I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve been around the world, believe me,” said Daniels.

Kim Bumpas with Visit Knoxville has been a part of the production for 10 years. She said she hates to see it go too.

“It’s been bittersweet it’s an emotional day for us. ”

Bumpas hoped visitors will take it all on one last time because other big plans are in store.

“As one chapter closes, another one opens. So I’m very excited about the future,” said Bumpas.

But some families aren’t giving up hope. even willing to pay for it in the future to help out with funding.

“I would come if they charged. I still would because I’ve got him and this is an experience of a lifetime you don’t get and they shoot off fireworks you can’t shoot in your front yard,” said Michael Upton.



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