Experts warn parents about apps kids use to hide texts and pictures


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – “Kids will send dirty pictures, ugly things,” said Tina Bond while sitting with Michelle McJunkin. Both are parents who dealt with their kids having cell phones.

“I went through their phones just like she did and I would see stuff on there. Not texting, but sexting, and I would take their cell phones,” said McJunkin.

Both agree their kids seem to be able to keep up with the changing technology better than they do.

“If I need to know something, then one of my kids helps me,” said McJunkin.

John McCulley with public relations firm Moxley Carmichael says there are programs that allow your kids to hide text messages and pictures behind deceptive apps like one that looks like a calculator app.

“They have to hide in plain sight. There used to be apps called ‘Photo Hider’ and ‘App Locker.’ I think there’s one still called ‘App Locker,’ but these apps had to change so they can hide in plain sight and be out front so you can see them and think they were a normal thing,” said McCulley.

John McCulley
John McCulley

A warning about an app called “Calculator%” is blowing up right now on social media after a district judge in Alabama made a video explaining to parents what to watch out for. As McCulley explained, that is just one of many apps for kids to download that hide stuff.

“If there’s a folder out there that your child usually wouldn’t have. You have the standard photo apps folder, take a look through that. If they have one that says calculators and they have five calculators, probably want to take a look at those. There’s no reason to have five calculators,” said McCulley.

There are a few apps that McCulley said can actually track the traffic on your kids’ phone. He liked “Net Nanny” and “Web Watcher.” He said you’ll be able to track text messages, emails and data usage with those.

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