Knoxville expert gives tips on protecting your identity in wake of Ashley Madison hack

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Fears are growing for anyone using the Internet after several recent hack attacks, including one on cheating website Ashley Madison.

Bill Dean with Sword & Shield Enterprise Security says there isn’t much privacy online, especially when you are providing data to organizations.

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“You can minimize the data that you’re giving people. You don’t always have to give them everything they ask for,” said Dean. “If a company has had a history, say Home Depot, has had a credit card attack, normally they are going to be more secure moving forward.”

Dean says the first thing you should do if you find out your information has been compromised is subscribe to an identity restoration service. He also says to be careful what you give people.

“If they don’t need your Social Security number, don’t give your Social Security number. That is probably one of the more valuable pieces of information. If your credit card is stolen and there’s a bad transaction, you can turn the credit card off. You can’t turn your identity off.”

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