Knoxville announces new clean up plans for Fountain City Lake

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Fountain City Lake has been a big eyesore for decades with tons of algae and circulation problems. Almost half of the lake is covered in thick, green algae and even though the City of Knoxville gets complaints, the city says it’s actually the Fountain City Lions Club’s responsibility to manage and maintain the lake.

PHOTOS: Fountain City Lake
PHOTOS: Fountain City Lake

The Lions Club, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, and other city employees met Tuesday night to talk about their plans to team up and finally get the lake problems fixed once and for all.

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Officials said the project has had some hiccups. Crews had to repair a leak in the pond, which took a couple of months. The issue now is cleaning the bottom of the pond because there’s still too much algae.

“It’s a process of draining and filling and draining and filling, but eventually we’re hoping by this fall, we’ll be able to address the issues and give the document we’ve been preparing for the Lion’s Club. sS then, this time next year we won’t be having the same problems we’ve been having with the stagnant water,” said Knoxville Parks and Recreation manager Josh Walsh.

Knoxville stormwater engineer David Hagerman said there are multiple causes and the city will be multiple projects. Knoxville is investing $250,000 and started on the planned improvements in the spring. City workers will continue to work on other projects through early next year.


“The plumbing, and the fountain, and the aeration and circulation system, it’s all out of whack,” said Hagerman. “You probably haven’t seen the fountain running for some time so that allows for stagnant pools to set up.”

Hagerman said the next project will be mucking out the lake in October, which hasn’t been done since the 1980s. After all of the fixes, he said the goal is for the city to only have to step in and help with the big projects every now and then.

Officials say the project should be complete by spring 2016.

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