Morristown mother wants justice after daughter is killed in hit-and-run

"It wasn't my daughter's time to go."

Amy Cupp (source: Family)

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – A Morristown mother spoke publicly for the first time since her daughter with special needs was killed in a hit-and-run in July. Christal Cupp and her daughter, Amy, were walking along Joe Hall Road.

So far, four people have been charged in connection with this.

Amy Cupp (source: Family)
Amy Cupp (source: Family)

Cupp said it’s painful knowing that she’ll never see her 16-year-old daughter again. She doesn’t remember much from the hit-and-run, aside from getting ready to cross the road before a car crashed into both of them. From there, all she recalls is waking up in the hospital and asking where Amy was.

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“It wasn’t my daughter’s time to go. How could somebody just leave me and my daughter there to die? That’s cruel,” said Cupp.

Her daughter didn’t make it out alive.

Christal Cupp
Christal Cupp

Cupp has spent the last month at UT Medical Center recovering from her injuries. She’s now at her mother’s home getting physical therapy and trying to walk again while trying to cope with her daughter’s death.

“It’s hard on me. I wish God took me with my daughter, but he didn’t. He kept me here for a reason and that reason is to speak up on my daughter’s behalf,” said Cupp.

Cupp has a lot of questions about what happened. The biggest one is why. She said she can’t bring herself to forgive.

“They’re going to pay for what they did. I’m sorry I can’t forgive somebody for what they done to me and my daughter,” said Cupp.

Pictures of Cupp’s daughter by her bed along with her cell phone comfort her. She said she’ll never let her daughter be forgotten.

“I miss her. I wish she was still here, but she’s here in my heart and she’s here with me right now,” said Cupp.



Cupp said the community’s blessings and prayers have helped heal some of the pain. As for her, she’s got a long road to recovery. She’s using both a wheelchair and walker to get around.

As for the four people who were arrested, Lex Dienst was charged with vehicular homicide along with leaving the scene of an accident. His wife, Kristi Dienst, was charged with filing a false police report and accessory after the fact. Her mother and aunt face similar charges.



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