Knoxville man gets car back in pieces, 18 months after dropping it off for repairs

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Months of frustration are over for Ryan McElveen.

When McElveen took his classic Mercedes in for repairs at Eurohaus Motorsports in West Knoxville he was told the work would three weeks to rebuild the engine. Eighteen months and a court order later he has finally gotten his car back.

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The car is now seated at a new shop and is expected to be ready to go quickly. However, it’s not all in one piece. All of the parts to his 250 SL motor were put in the trunk when the car left Eurohaus Motorsports in West Knoxville a week ago.

“This is what I’m concerned about,” said McElveen, pointing to all of the parts filling the trunk of his 1968 Mustang. “It’s a 47-year-old car. When you take it apart, you have brackets, hoses and clamps. They’re difficult to replace because they’re original to the car.”

Eurohaus Owner Robert Berry said he originally thought it would take less than a month to fix the car’s engine, but the car stayed at his shop for 18 months, after he was given $3,000 dollars in February of 2014. Another $1,500 were due when the car was ready.

Finally after months of frustration, Ryan had just one request for Berry. “I would like him to stop all work on it, just give me my car and all my parts back,” said McElveen in July.

McElveen took Berry to court and Judge Tony Stansberry ordered the Mercedes returned to it’s owner. He says he will never understand why he had to fight Berry to get his car back.

The car is now at Eurotech, operated by Rick Berry, Robert’s youngest brother. The Better Business Bureau said they have no complaints from the shop and the cars have been repaired on time.

Mechanic Todd Dernbach will be working on the car’s engine. He’s going to finish putting the engine back together, then reassemble the clutch and put the engine back in. If all the parts are present Dernback said the repairs will only take him a couple of days.


McElven said he has full faith in hew new mechanic and the shop where his motor is being reassembled. He’s looking forward to getting his car back on the road and says the ordeal has been a learning experience.

“Don’t give people money up front,” said McElven. “You know I thought he was a trustworthy guy. I was wrong.”

Berry said he has done a lot of “quality work” on the car, but he did not plan to take so long on completing the engine. He says he “takes his time” to get the job “Done right,” so there are no complaints. The complain in this case had been 18 months is not a “reasonable amount of time to get the job done.

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