Sevierville police identify person of interest after woman is attacked, left unconscious

Lana Ogle, 43 (Sevierville Police Department)

SEVIERVILLE (WATE) – After months of investigating, the Sevierville Police Department said they have identified a person of interest in a severe assault case. They’ve been trying to find out who attacked Lana Ogle, 44, and left her unconscious in her parent’s driveway back in December.

Her mother Connie Ogle said her daughter was going Christmas shopping was being picked up by a friend. She wouldn’t see her again until the next morning when she saw Lana Ogle lying in her driveway.

“It’s hard to sleep at night thinking about it and for quite a while after this happened, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, at night especially, to think how she laid there,” said Connie Ogle, her mother.

Ogle was taken to the hospital with several cuts and bruises to her face along with bleeding in her brain as well as a brain stem injury. Her mother said she spent several weeks at different hospitals and now she’s at a nursing and rehabilitation center.

“This particular event. It’s confusing to her and it’s hurtful to her to think someone did this to her,” said Connie Ogle.

Ogle’s parents said they believe it was someone that knew their daughter who attacked her.

“I really want to see someone have to answer for this, but more than anything, I want to see her get as much of her abilities back as possible,” said Ogle.

Det. Lt. Hinson said he is not releasing the person of interest’s name at this time, but he is asking for anyone with information to contact him at (865) 868-1751. Detective Hinson said detectives have interviewed numerous persons, gathered and analyzed forensic evidence and worked several leads.

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