Block party to be held on Cumberland Avenue strip ahead of first Vols game

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Merchants on Cumberland Avenue are hosting their first-ever pre-game closed-street bock party before the Vols season opener on Saturday, September 5.

The Brick-by -Brick pre-game party will be from 2 to 4 p.m. Cumberland Avenue will be closed from 18th Street to North 19th Street.

Web Extra: Brick-By-Brick event map [PDF]

The event will include 300 feet of booths with food vendors, games, souvenir giveaways and merchandise sales. Merle 96.7 FM will provide music. The event is alcohol-free and family friendly.

Emad Aljaber owns Niro’s Gyros. He will be one of 26 vendors at the block party.

“We are going to have fun party food we are going to give out coupons come on in and join us,” said Aljaber.

The City of Knoxville along with the Cumberland Avenue Merchants Association have been planning the event for months to help bring back business. Judith Foltz, the Director of Special Events for the City of Knoxville says this will be a historic event because they’ve never closed Cumberland Avenue for a pregame party.

“The merchants might have seen less traffic then what we’ve seen in the past due to the construction so we felt this was a really great way to assist them and make sure people realize they are open for business,” said Foltz.

They wanted to provide local fun and entertainment since the game is in Nashville but the ultimate goal is to get people to go into area businesses to watch the game after the block party ends at 4:00.

After the festivities, many restaurants on the UT strip will be offering special menus, big-screen viewings of the game and promotions.

The Vols are playing Bowling Green in Nashville. Kickoff is at 4 p.m.

More online: Cumberland Connect

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