Knoxville woman says fresh ingredients help her baked goods stand out

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Whole Foods has added another outlet for many small business owners in our area.

Nancy Gordon was handing out samples of her lemon and blueberry mini-cakes or loaves there a few weeks ago. Her business “My Sweet Spot” started in Gordon’s Knoxville home kitchen

WATE 6 On Your Side watched as Gordon cut, zested and juiced fresh lemons for one her signature baked goods. Gordon says fresh ingredients and no preservatives is what makes her baked goods stand out.

“If you are going to have a sweet, it should be as natural as you can make it and it just tastes better,” she said.


One of Gordon’s best-sellers is her lemon mini-cake or loaf. She whips up a batch of six loaves at a time. This is one of many recipes that reminds her of where her love of baking originated.

“It came from when I was a small girl and our mom made all of our cakes,” she said. “We came from a family of 10 and she made all our cakes.”

Gordon said she now shares this tradition with her grandchildren in her home, but if business keeps picking up, she may have to move into a commercial kitchen soon.

Gordon started selling her sweets at the Market Square Farmer’s Market years ago. Now, you can find her goods at Three Rivers Market and Whole Foods. She delivers about 100 mini-cakes a week just to these locations.

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