High school football schedule | Friday Night Hits

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It’s time for high school football players to lace up their cleats and hit the gridiron for the 2015 season.

The TSSAA has made some changes for the 2015 season, beginning with the elimination of districts, and the addition of regions. Along with the changes to the regions, the TSSAA has announced a change to the playoff formats.

Read more: TSSAA announces 2015-2016 high school football alignments

Classes A through AAAAA, 5A, will now allow the top 4 from each region to make the playoffs, according to the TSSAA rulebook. Class AAAAAA, 6A, will be filled with 32 teams, and all 32 teams will make the playoffs.

The 32 teams will be split into four different regions, with eight teams in each region.

Week 1

20-Aug Knoxville West at Hardin Valley
20-Aug Midway at Rockwood
21-Aug Knoxville Webb at Alcoa
21-Aug Gibbs at Campbell County
21-Aug Livingstan Academy at Christian Academy of Knoxville
21-Aug Livingstan Academy at Cleveland
21-Aug Coalfield at Copper Basin
21-Aug Oliver Springs at Cumberland Gap
21-Aug Concord Christian Schools at Grace Baptist Academy (Chattanooga)
21-Aug Loudon at Greenback
21-Aug Anderson County at Greeneville
21-Aug Grace Christian (Knoxville) at Jefferson County
21-Aug Bearden at Karns
21-Aug Harriman at Kingston
21-Aug South Doyle at Knoxville Central
21-Aug Carter at Knoxville Halls
21-Aug William Blount at Lenoir City
21-Aug Heritage at Maryville
21-Aug McMinn Central at McMinn County
21-Aug Clinton at Oak Ridge
21-Aug Cumberland County at Oliver Springs
21-Aug Oakdale at Oneida
21-Aug Gatlinburg-Pittman at Pigeon Forge
21-Aug Farragut at Powell
21-Aug Austin-East at Scott
21-Aug Tellico Plains at Sequoyah
21-Aug Tellico Plains at Sequoyah High – Madisonville
21-Aug The King’s Academy at Seymour
21-Aug Unicoi County at South Greene
21-Aug Meigs County at Sweetwater
21-Aug North Greene at Unaka
21-Aug Grainger at Union County
21-Aug Cocke County at Volunteer
21-Aug Sunbright at Wartburg
21-Aug Sunbright at Wartburg Central
22-Aug Knoxville Catholic at Morristown East
22-Aug Fulton at Morristown West
22-Aug Fulton at Morristown West
22-Aug Murray, KY at West Greene

Week 2

27-Aug Sevier County at Knoxville West
28-Aug Heritage at Anderson County
28-Aug Tellico Plains at Andrew, NC
28-Aug Knoxville Halls at Austin-East
28-Aug Powell at Bearden
28-Aug Jefferson County at Carter
28-Aug Daniel Boone at Cherokee
28-Aug Union County at Claiborne
28-Aug Morristown East at Clinton
28-Aug Sullivan Central at Cocke County
28-Aug Sale Creek at Concord Christian Schools
28-Aug Unaka at Cosby
28-Aug Knoxville Catholic at CPA
28-Aug Kingston at Cumberland County
28-Aug Oak Ridge at Dobyns-Bennett
28-Aug Gibbs at Farragut
28-Aug CAK at Grace Christian (Knoxville)
28-Aug Gatlinburg-Pittman at Greenback
28-Aug Cumberland Gap at Hancock County
28-Aug South Doyle at Karns
28-Aug Campbell County at Knoxville Central
28-Aug Lenoir City at Loudon
28-Aug Rhea County at McMinn Central
28-Aug Bradley Central at McMinn County
28-Aug Oneida at Meigs County
28-Aug Greeneville at Morristown West
28-Aug Chuckey-Doak at North Greene
28-Aug Coalfield at Oakdale
28-Aug Tennessee Christian at Oliver Springs
28-Aug Jellico at Pickett County
28-Aug Polk County at Sequoyah High – Madisonville
28-Aug Pigeon Forge at Seymour
28-Aug Karns at South Doyle
28-Aug West Greene at South Greene
28-Aug Volunteer at Sullivan North
28-Aug Scott at Sunbright
28-Aug Rockwood at Sweetwater
28-Aug Harriman at Wartburg
28-Aug Alcoa at William Blount
29-Aug Fulton at Maryville

Week 3

4-Sep Loudon at Alcoa
4-Sep Scott at CAK
4-Sep Lenoir City at Campbell County
4-Sep Union County at Carter
4-Sep Scott at Christian Academy of Knoxville
4-Sep Claiborne at Chuckey Doak
4-Sep Karns at Clinton
4-Sep Unaka at Concord Christian Schools
4-Sep Morristown West at David Crockett
4-Sep Sequoyah High – Madisonville at East Hamilton
4-Sep Oak Ridge at Farragut
4-Sep Anderson County at Fulton
4-Sep Cumberland Gap at Gatlinburg-Pittman
4-Sep Powell at Gibbs
4-Sep Oliver Springs at Grace Christian (Knoxville)
4-Sep Cosby at Hampton
4-Sep Sullivan North at Happy Valley
4-Sep Bearden at Hardin Valley
4-Sep Sunbright at Harriman
4-Sep South Doyle at Heritage
4-Sep Knoxville Central at Knoxville Catholic
4-Sep Knoxville West at Knoxville Halls
4-Sep Jefferson County at Maryville
4-Sep Kinston at McMinn Central
4-Sep Coalfield at Midway
4-Sep Tennessee at Morristown East
4-Sep Cloudland at Oakdale
4-Sep Greenback at Oneida
4-Sep Northview Academy at Pigeon Forge
4-Sep Tennessee Christian at Rockwood
4-Sep Cocke County at Sevier County
4-Sep Cherokee at Sullivan Central
4-Sep Grainger at Sullivan East
4-Sep Seymour at Sullivan South
4-Sep Austin-East at Tellico Plains
4-Sep Greeneville at Volunteer
4-Sep McMinn County at Walker Valley
4-Sep Sweetwater at Wartburg
4-Sep Sweetwater at Wartburg Central
4-Sep Unicoi County at West Greene
4-Sep Dobyns-Bennett at William Blount

Week 4

11-Sep Maryville at Alcoa
11-Sep Oak Ridge at Anderson County
11-Sep Fulton at Austin-East
11-Sep Fulton at Austin-East
11-Sep Farragut at Bearden
11-Sep Cosby at Cherokee
11-Sep Knoxville Webb at Christian Academy of Knoxville
11-Sep South Greene at Chuckey Doak
11-Sep Concord Christian Schools at Cloudland
11-Sep Wartburg at Coalfield
11-Sep Cherokee at Cocke County
11-Sep Claiborne at Cumberland Gap
11-Sep Cumberland County at DeKalb County
11-Sep Campbell County at Grace Christian (Knoxville)
11-Sep Scott at Grainger
11-Sep Sequoyah High – Madisonville at Greenback
11-Sep Morristown East at Greeneville
11-Sep Unaka at Harriman
11-Sep William Blount at Heritage
11-Sep Oakdale at Jellico
11-Sep Gibbs at Karns
11-Sep Notre Dame at Knoxville Catholic
11-Sep Carter at Knoxville West
11-Sep McMinn County at Lenoir City
11-Sep Midway at Lookout Valley
11-Sep Sweetwater at Loudon
11-Sep Jefferson County at Morristown West
11-Sep Volunteer at Northview Academy
11-Sep The King’s Academy at Oneida
11-Sep McMinn Central at Polk County
11-Sep Clinton at Rhea County
11-Sep Kingston at Rockwood
11-Sep Hancock County at Rye Cove
11-Sep Dobyns-Bennett at Sevier County
11-Sep Hardin Valley at South Doyle
11-Sep Oliver Springs at Sunbright
11-Sep Copper Basin at Tellico Plains
11-Sep Happy Valley at Unicoi County
11-Sep Knoxville Halls at Union County
11-Sep North Greene at West Greene

Week 5

18-Sep Union County at Anderson County
18-Sep William Blount at Bearden
18-Sep Sullivan South at Cherokee
18-Sep Northview at Claiborne
18-Sep Campbell County at Clinton
18-Sep Morristown West at Cocke County
18-Sep Davidson Academy at Concord Christian Schools
18-Sep Happy Valley at Cosby
18-Sep Sequoyah High – Madisonville at Cumberland County
18-Sep North Greene at Cumberland Gap
18-Sep Hardin Valley at Dobyns-Bennett
18-Sep Hampton at Gatlinburg-Pittman
18-Sep Rockwood at Grace Christian (Knoxville)
18-Sep Volunteer at Grainger
18-Sep Oakdale at Hancock County
18-Sep Gibbs at Heritage
18-Sep Bradley Central at Jefferson County
18-Sep Greenback at Jellico
18-Sep Lynn Camp, KY at Jellico
18-Sep Farragut at Karns
18-Sep CAK at Kingston
18-Sep Christian Academy of Knoxville at Kingston
18-Sep Fulton at Knoxville Catholic
18-Sep Carter at Knoxville Central
18-Sep Powell at Knoxville West
18-Sep McMinn Central at Loudon
18-Sep Cleveland at McMinn County
18-Sep Oneida at Midway
18-Sep Sevier County at Morristown East
18-Sep Lenoir City at Oak Ridge
18-Sep Maryville at Science Hill
18-Sep Alcoa at Scott
18-Sep Knoxville Halls at South Doyle
18-Sep Seymour at Sullivan Central
18-Sep Greeneville at Sullivan East
18-Sep South Greene at Sullivan North
18-Sep Oliver Springs at Sweetwater
18-Sep Anderson County at Union County
18-Sep Austin-East at Wartburg
18-Sep Austin-East at Wartburg Central
18-Sep Pigeon Forge at West Greene

Week 6

24-Sep South Greene at North Greene
25-Sep Heritage at Alcoa
25-Sep Maryville at Bearden
25-Sep Knoxville Catholic at Belfry, KY
25-Sep Cocke County at Campbell County
25-Sep South Doyle at Carter
25-Sep David Crockett at Cherokee
25-Sep Grainger at Claiborne
25-Sep Anderson County at Clinton
25-Sep Sunbright at Coalfield
25-Sep Hancock County at Concord Christian Schools
25-Sep Hancock County at Cosby
25-Sep White County at Cumberland County
25-Sep Christian Academy of Knoxville at Donelson Christian Academy
25-Sep Oneida at Gatlinburg-Pittman
25-Sep Fulton at Gibbs
25-Sep Rockwood at Harriman
25-Sep Greenback at Kingston
25-Sep Morristown West at Knoxville Central
25-Sep Grace Christian (Knoxville) at Knoxville Webb
25-Sep McMinn Central at Meigs County
25-Sep Jellico at Midway
25-Sep Wartburg Central at Oakdale
25-Sep Midway at Oliver Springs
25-Sep Lenoir City at Pigeon Forge
25-Sep Cumberland Gap at Pineville
25-Sep Hardin Valley at Powell
25-Sep Union County at Scott
25-Sep Union County at Scott
25-Sep Oak Ridge at Sevier County
25-Sep Sullivan East at Seymour
25-Sep Sequoyah High – Madisonville at Sweetwater
25-Sep Tennessee Christian at Tellico Plains
25-Sep Happy Valley at Unaka

Week 7

1-Oct Dobyns-Bennett at Maryville
2-Oct McMinn Central at Alcoa
2-Oct Knoxville Catholic at Anderson County
2-Oct Bearden at Bradley Central
2-Oct Loudon at CAK
2-Oct Loudon at Christian Academy of Knoxville
2-Oct David Crockett at Cocke County
2-Oct Hancock County at Concord Christian
2-Oct Hixon at Cumberland County
2-Oct Sevier County at Daniel Boone
2-Oct Pigeon Forge at Elizabethton
2-Oct Campbell County at Farragut
2-Oct Carter at Fulton
2-Oct Grainger at Greeneville
2-Oct Hampton at Happy Valley
2-Oct Science Hill at Hardin Valley
2-Oct Oneida at Jellico
2-Oct Claiborne at Johnson County
2-Oct Oak Ridge at Karns
2-Oct Scott at Kingston
2-Oct Gibbs at Knoxville Halls
2-Oct South Doyle at Knoxville West
2-Oct Clinton at Lenoir City
2-Oct Morristown East at Morristown West
2-Oct Gatlinburg-Pittman at North Greene
2-Oct Coalfield at Northview Academy
2-Oct West Greene at Northview Academy
2-Oct Austin-East at Oliver Springs
2-Oct Sunbright at Oneida
2-Oct Heritage at Powell
2-Oct Cherokee at Seymour
2-Oct Knoxville West at South Doyle
2-Oct Cosby at South Greene
2-Oct Cumberland Gap at Sullivan North
2-Oct Knoxville Central at Union County
2-Oct Sullivan East at Volunteer
2-Oct Tellico Plains at Wartburg
2-Oct Tellico Plains at Wartburg Central
2-Oct McMinn County at White County
2-Oct Jefferson County at William Blount

Week 8

8-Oct Clinton at CAK
8-Oct Clinton at Christian Academy of Knoxville
9-Oct Bell County, KY at Campbell County
9-Oct Volunteer at Cherokee
9-Oct Elizabethton at Claiborne
9-Oct Harriman at Coalfield
9-Oct Gatlinburg-Pittman at Cosby
9-Oct South Greene at Cumberland Gap
9-Oct Cumberland County at East Hamilton
9-Oct Knoxville West at Farragut
9-Oct Wartburg at Grace Christian (Knoxville)
9-Oct Wartburg Central at Grace Christian (Knoxville)
9-Oct North Greene at Happy Valley
9-Oct Hardin Valley at Jefferson County
9-Oct Sunbright at Jellico
9-Oct Powell at Karns
9-Oct Carter at Knoxville Central
9-Oct Knoxville Halls at Knoxville Central
9-Oct The Howard School at Loudon
9-Oct Harriman at Midway
9-Oct Daniel Boone at Morristown East
9-Oct McMinn County at Oak Ridge
9-Oct Oliver Springs at Rockwood
9-Oct William Blount at Science hill
9-Oct Seymour at Scott
9-Oct David Crockett at Sevier County
9-Oct Sequoyah High – Madisonville at Stone Memorial
9-Oct Grainger at Sullivan Central
9-Oct Greeneville at Sullivan South
9-Oct Oakdale at Sunbright
9-Oct Sweetwater at Tellico Plains
9-Oct Cocke County at Tennessee
9-Oct Concord Christian Schools at The King’s Academy
9-Oct Hancock County at Thomas Walker
9-Oct Pigeon Forge at Unicoi County
9-Oct Austin-East at Union County
9-Oct Johnson County at West Greene
9-Oct Kingston at York Institute

Week 9

16-Oct Knoxville Central at Anderson County
16-Oct Rockwood at Austin-East
16-Oct Hardin Valley at Bradley Central
16-Oct McMinn Central at CAK
16-Oct Karns at Campbell County
16-Oct Greeneville at Cherokee
16-Oct Pigeon Forge at Chuckey Doak
16-Oct Hancock County at Cloudland
16-Oct Greenback at Coalfield
16-Oct Livingston Academy at Cumberland County
16-Oct Cosby at Cumberland Gap
16-Oct Cosby at Cumblerand Gap
16-Oct Morristown East at David Crockett
16-Oct Bearden at Dobyns-Bennett
16-Oct West Greene at Elizabethton
16-Oct Lenoir City at Farragut
16-Oct Union County at Fulton
16-Oct Happy Valley at Gatlinburg-Pittman
16-Oct South Doyle at Gibbs
16-Oct Seymour at Grainger
16-Oct Midway at Greenback
16-Oct Cherokee at Greeneville
16-Oct South Greene at Hampton
16-Oct Alcoa at Kingston
16-Oct Carter at Knoxville Catholic
16-Oct Powell at Knoxville Halls
16-Oct Heritage at Knoxville West
16-Oct Christian Academy of Knoxville at McMinn Central
16-Oct Ooltewah at McMinn County
16-Oct Daniel Boone at Morristown West
16-Oct Unaka at Oakdale
16-Oct Tellico Plains at Oliver Springs
16-Oct Harriman at Oneida
16-Oct Jefferson County at Science hill
16-Oct Loudon at Scott
16-Oct Hixson at Sequoyah High – Madisonville
16-Oct North Greene at Sullivan North
16-Oct Jellico at Sunbright
16-Oct Grace Christian (Knoxville) at Sweetwater
16-Oct Sevier County at Tennessee
16-Oct Claiborne at Unicoi County
16-Oct Sullivan Central at Volunteer
16-Oct Maryville at William Blount

Week 10

22-Oct Farragut at South Doyle
23-Oct Sweetwater at Austin-East
23-Oct Science Hill at Bearden
23-Oct Sullivan East at Cherokee
23-Oct West Greene at Claiborne
23-Oct Ezell Harding at Concord Christian Schools
23-Oct Sullivan North at Cosby
23-Oct Cocke County at Daniel Boone
23-Oct Loudon at East Ridge
23-Oct Knoxville West at Fulton
23-Oct Carter at Gibbs
23-Oct Unaka at Hancock County
23-Oct Cumberland Gap at Happy Valley
23-Oct William Blount at Hardin Valley
23-Oct William Blount at Hardin Valley
23-Oct Greenback at Harriman
23-Oct Clinton at Heritage
23-Oct Dobyns-Bennett at Jefferson County
23-Oct Coalfield at Jellico
23-Oct Cloudland at Knoxville Catholic
23-Oct Karns at Knoxville Halls
23-Oct Fulton at Knoxville West
23-Oct The King’s Academy at Lenoir City
23-Oct Bradley Central at Maryville
23-Oct Notre Dame at McMinn Central
23-Oct Anderson County at Morristown East
23-Oct Hampton at North Greene
23-Oct Knoxville Webb at Oak Ridge
23-Oct Sale Creek at Oakdale
23-Oct Johnson County at Pigeon Forge
23-Oct Knoxville Central at Powell
23-Oct Alcoa at Red Bank
23-Oct Wartburg Central at Rockwood
23-Oct Chattanooga Central at Sequoyah High – Madisonville
23-Oct Morristown West at Sevier County
23-Oct Volunteer at Seymour
23-Oct McMinn County at Soddy Daisy
23-Oct Gatlinburg-Pittman at South Greene
23-Oct Cumberland County at Stone Memo;rial
23-Oct Greeneville at Sullivan Central
23-Oct Grainger at Sullivan South
23-Oct Midway at Sunbright
23-Oct Grace Christian (Knoxville) at Tellico Plains

Week 11

30-Oct CAK at Alcoa
30-Oct Christian Academy of Knoxville at Alcoa
30-Oct Grace Christian (Knoxville) at Austin-East
30-Oct Grace Christian (Knoxville) at Austin-East
30-Oct William Blount at Bradley Central
30-Oct Anderson County at Carter
30-Oct Cumberland County at Chattanooga Central
30-Oct Farragut at Clinton
30-Oct Oneida at Coalfield
30-Oct Morristown East at Cocke County
30-Oct Hamptom at Cumberland Gap
30-Oct Knoxville Central at Fulton
30-Oct Sullivan North at Gatlinburg-Pittman
30-Oct Knoxville West at Gibbs
30-Oct Cherokee at Grainger
30-Oct Sunbright at Greenback
30-Oct Seymour at Greeneville
30-Oct Jellico at Harriman
30-Oct Knoxville Halls at Heritage
30-Oct Bearden at Jefferson County
30-Oct Jellico at Jellico
30-Oct Fulton at Knoxville Central
30-Oct Karns at Lenoir City
30-Oct Kingston at Loudon
30-Oct Hardin Valley at Maryville
30-Oct Scott at McMinn Central
30-Oct Rhea County at McMinn County
30-Oct Tennessee at Morristown West
30-Oct Cosby at North Greene
30-Oct Cosby at North Greene
30-Oct Campbell County at Oak Ridge
30-Oct Concord Christian Schools at Oakdale
30-Oct Wartburg Central at Oliver Springs
30-Oct Claiborne at Pigeon Forge
30-Oct South Doyle at Powell
30-Oct Livingston Academy at Sequoyah High – Madisonville
30-Oct Happy Valley at South Greene
30-Oct Tennessee Christian at Sweetwater
30-Oct Rockwood at Tellico Plains
30-Oct Midway at Unaka
30-Oct Knoxville Catholic at Union County
30-Oct Sullivan South at Volunteer
30-Oct Chuckey Doak at West Greene

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