Big crowds come to toss out personal documents safely at Shred Day

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Your name, address, and social security number are all little pieces of information. But if it gets in the wrong hands, it can cause some major problems. In fact, millions of Americans become victims of identity theft each year.

On Saturday, we partnered with ShredPro Secure and 93.1 WNOX to get rid of your unwanted paperwork safely.

It was a busy day at the Greystone as one, two, three, well car after car started pulling in at 7. “Time to clean out,” said Rosie Dyar of Knoxville.

“We only had three boxes, small boxes, but it’s stuff we wouldn’t want to just let out,” added Rex Richards of Knoxville.

Clutter was going from trunks to trash bins. “These things are heavy,” said Boyd Porter of Powell.

That’s when the paperwork went up and into the shredder. “Old tax records from many years ago that I’ve not been able to get rid of,” said Gene Cox of Gatlinburg.

A small monitor on the truck showed how sheets of paper, turned into specks.

“Paperwork that has been sitting around too long we need to get rid of,” said Cliff Ford of Knoxville.

It was such a big turnout, one of the trucks had to leave for a bit and dump the bins.

“I have been a foster parent for 13 years and along with being a foster parent comes a lot of paperwork. Court documents, IEP information from the schools, the children are grown and I still have documentation,” said Kellie Layden of Fountain City.

By the end of the day, and about four trucks full of paper, there was peace of mind knowing the chances of someone taking their identity was slim.

“I don’t have to worry about it being out there floating around,” added Layden.

It’s important to mention all of the documents and paper collected is recycled.

We checked with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, they suggest you shred your mail, especially credit card offers, as well as receipts. If you become a victim of identity theft, the TBI says to contact your credit card company and local police. For more information, you can visit TBI’s website on identity theft by clicking here.

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