ShredPro helps keep your personal information secure

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Every week workers at companies like Ameriprise Financial go through countless amounts of their customer’s personal paperwork. Rather than just throwing it in the trash, workers place it in a secure ShredPro box.

“Anything that has an account number, a name, an address or anything on it, we definitely put it in our shred box,” said Ameriprise Financial Client Service Coordinator Christi Kiefer Lamber.

ShredPro workers pick up the locked box every few weeks. Workers take thousands of pounds of important documents and place them in trucks that shred the paper with the click of a button.

“We walk out to the truck and see if being shredded,” said Kiefer Lamber.

More online: Frequently asked questions about shredding documents

ShredPro recommends people shred anything with personal information on it, including social security numbers, bank information and medical records.

“Shredding itself came about about 15 years ago when the need for protection from identity theft became more of an issue,” ShredPro General Manager Jonas Rice said.

If important documents get in the wrong hands, it can cause a financial nightmare.

“It’s very, very important that those documents are shredded and it’s good to know it’s being shredded in a timely matter and an appropriate matter,” said Kiefer Lamber.

Thanks to ShredPro, Ameriprise Financial and all its customers can feel confident knowing their personal information stays safe and gets disposed of correctly.

All the paper ShredPro shreds gets recycled. The company can also shred other personal items, like hard drives.

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