Vandals shatter car windows in West Knoxville neighborhood

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Residents in the Deane Hill community in Knoxville want answers after their car windows were smashed and windshields vandalized.

At least three cars on Dean Hill Street near West Town Mall were damaged. Community members said their cars were locked and valuables were not out in the open.

The owners are asking the Knoxville Police Department for more police presence especially since they live on a dead-end street.

“It’s scary to think that if I get it fixed today, is it going to be vandalized again tomorrow? Am I going to have to pay more money that I don’t really have,” said Cara McMahon whose car was vandalized.

“I just hope that this shows awareness that this is happening in safe neighborhoods and maybe they’ll patrol more,” added Abbey Schmidt whose windshield was damaged.

The owners say they’ve been warning their neighbors about the vandalism.

Darrell Debusk with Knoxville Police Department said the break-ins initially appear to be nothing more than vandalism. He says officers responded to different incidents.

“Most likely, it was a group of teens out getting into trouble,” said Debusk.

Those with damage to their cars say they are looking at hundreds of dollars worth of repairs.

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