Smokies feeling the flow

KODAK (WATE) – America’s pastime is getting hairy. Tennessee Smokies pitcher Rob Zastryzny explains, “It’s really about being about your hair and being about the confidence that comes with having hair.”

Fellow starting pitcher Pierce Johnson adds, “(It’s) looking good on and off the field.”

The Smokies may literally be the hairiest team in baseball. “It kind of goes against the grain,” adds closer PJ Francescon. “You stand out. It’s a good look.”

The hirsute members of the team even have a nickname, “The Flow Bros.”

“Basically, flow is everyday just grinding on your hair, brushing it out, keeping it maintained,” says Zastryzny.

“You got to work at it, you got to practice at it and it doesn’t come easy,” adds Johnson.

And don’t expect haircuts anytime soon. “Kind of like Samson,” says Johnson. “We’re all throwing pretty well so we got to keep it going. We can’t touch it.”

So Smokies fans may as well go with the flow.

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