Workers at Kingston gun store hope to help keep guns in responsible hands

KINGSTON (WATE) – Managers at an East Tennessee store say they’re continuing to see a spike in gun sales after the Chattanooga shooting and other recent tragedies. However, they say they are taking extra measures to try to make sure guns are being put in responsible hands.

“Basically, it’s getting to be a dangerous world out there isn’t it,” said Brant Williams with Frontier Firearms in Kingston.

Williams says more people in East Tennessee are interested in what he has to sell.

“People are coming to the realization that they need to be more alert and aware of their personal protection,” said Williams.


Williams says his new customers are being proactive.

“What happened in Chattanooga really hit home,” said Williams.

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Nathan Van Gundy was in a gun permit class Tuesday night and says he never wanted to own a gun until these recent attacks.

“I just felt this world isn’t getting any better; it’s just getting worse. I just feel like I need to take the steps to be informed and make the decisions on how I can best protect my family,” said Van Gundy.

With these recent mass shootings, Frontier Firearms is going to help private sellers keep guns out of the wrong people’s hands. They will open up their procedures to help with background investigations on potential buyers.

“So that you as an individual wanted to sell you gun to a private buyer and you wanted to be particularly careful who you sold that gun to make sure they’re legal. You can bring them to us, bring the gun, bring the buyer, we’ll log the gun into our books,” said Williams.

That will allow them to be a middle man in a transaction they’re trying to keep safe.

Williams says over the last few months there has been an increase in women and seniors who are interested in guns. Frontier Firearms can be contacted at (865) 376-0793.

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