McGhee Tyson Airport ranked one of the most expensive in America

ALCOA (WATE) – A new report from ranks McGhee Tyson Airport as one of the most expensive airports in the United States.

The website’s sixth annual Airport Affordability Index was compiled from average airfares during the month of June to a mix of popular domestic and international destinations. The website looked at 101 of the most-searched airports on its website.

More online: 2015 Airport Affordability Report

The cheapest airport in the country was Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International with an average airfare of $199, followed by Atlanta International at $231, Dallas Love Field at $251, La Guardia at $251, and Chicago-O’Hare International at $265.

Of the 101 airports listed in the report, McGhee Tyson falls at number 94, with an average airfare of $552.

Officials at McGhee Tyson Airport say the methodology for the report is flawed. Director of Marketing Beth Baker says the survey shows results from only one website and the sample size is too small.

Traveler Marjon Parham said her flight to Detroit can be between $500 to $700 and she considers that expensive.

“I’ve thought about taking the bus, going to Atlanta, or even Chattanooga to fly out,” said Parham.

Airport representatives weren’t the only ones to dispute the report. Debbie Maiden from Lee County, Virginia, said she thinks the prices are fair. She recently visited her sister in Vermont.

“I thought it was pretty reasonable. I really did. The round trip from here to Vermont and back was like $490. I thought that was pretty good,” said Maiden.

Baker said a low cost, full service airline like Southwest could lower flight prices, but so far, the carrier doesn’t have any immediate plans to come to Knoxville.

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