Ask the 6 Storm Team: Flocks of birds show up on radar

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The WATE 6 On Your Side Storm Team uses radar to detect a lot of things including hail, rain and tornadoes, but sometimes other things can show up.

Stormtracker 6 showed an odd reading Monday morning. The Storm Team posted a video of the incident on Facebook, wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be, and the comments included suggestions that included birds, insects, bats, explosions and even someone sneezing.

Insects, like mayflies show up as huge swaths of activity. Locusts are very similar. We didn’t have those large swaths though.

The rings you see are are called Roost Rings. Tons of birds will roost at night in trees and right around sunrise, they take off. Occasionally, they’ll even be enough to show up on radar.

The next time you see those roost rings on the radar, you’ll know it wasn’t a giant sneezing.

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