Knoxville man arrested, accused of soliciting minors for sex over phone

Patrick C. McCoy (source: KCSO)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville man was arrested Tuesday night on accusations he solicited minors.

Patrick C. McCoy, 58, is charged with solicitation of minors to engage in certain sexual conduct, which is a Class B felony, after an investigation by the Knoxville Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The Repeat Offender Squad and Special Crimes Unit also assisted.

Arrest records allege McCoy was attempting to solicit sexual acts for money from a minor over the phone. An undercover officer contacted the phone number and spoke with a man, who police say was McCoy, who agreed to engage in sexual acts with a 12-year-old boy in exchange for $100 cash.

When officers went to McCoy’s Wilson Road home, he was texting on a cell phone. When officers called the number the undercover officer previously called, McCoy’s phone rang. He is being held on $20,000 bond.

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